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WON-G The Haiti Boy

It was the summer of 1978 when Macneal Bruny, proud son and prodigy of a high-ranking Haitian military officer, brought his family from Haiti to Brooklyn, New York. With only a suitcase full of dreams and his Navy Seal-like determination he ventured out in search of a better life for his family.

Won-G, the second oldest of Macneal and Evelyne's eleven children, was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. At three years old he fell from a seven-story window, miraculously landing on his feet. It is probably no coincidence that Won-G's Haitian birth name, Wondge, means "One True God".

As he attended Junior High School, and because he was so talkative and personable, it was disruptive behavior in the classroom that resulted in detention and the honing of his essay writing skills. It was there that Won-G discovered and developed his gift of rhyme, upon which he entered local talent showcases and eventually won a scholarship.

Won-G's impressive ability to rap and rhyme in four languages (English, French, Creole, and Spanish) quickly set him apart from other hip hop artists. Moreover, the lack of profanity, almost unheard of in the rap industry, was quite refreshing.

With the help of their father, Macneal, who sold his trucking business to finance the project, Won-G and Dubble-M (his older brother and producer) pressed 25,000 copies of their first underground CD. It sold over 130,000 units. Three more albums followed, "Do It, Won-G, Do It", "Royal Impression", and "No Better Than This", all with notable success, considering there was no airplay behind them.

Even though Won-G, The Haiti Boy, could have capitalized on his friendship with Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and other notable hip-hop artists, this young Haitian entrepreneur was determined to make it on his own. The love and support from his family and close friends, like family friend and confidant, Mark Zavala, e.g., have given him the strength that he needed to surmount the insurmountable. 

Beside that of his loving grandmother, Odette, of special inspiration to Won-G has been Toussaint L'overture, a 17th century Haitian slave. This self-taught slave, later to become the First President of Haiti, used his inspiration and knowledge of medicine to reach out to slaves and non-slaves alike. With the art of war he was able to free the slaves from French dominance and hence, in 1804, Haiti would be the first country to free the black man from the evils of slavery.  Won-G, The Haiti Boy, has the same kind of love for people and determination to succeed as did his hero, Toussaint, whose name you will hear throughout Won-G and Dubble-M's music.

Ten long years of trials and tribulations have culminated in the union of Won-G and Bob Murray of Nine World Management, which by all indications should be The Haiti Boy's last stop in his quest for the best. Soon to be the newest international sensation, Won-G welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with great artists like the Back Street Boys, N Sync, P'Diddy, and many other notable performers.

Stay tuned for some incredible music coming your way from Nine World and the Haiti Boys, DUBBLE-M, OGOU, VEE, and OSO, as WON-G is destined to emerge as "The Rage of The Age" in the Hip-Hop world.