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Young Haitian-American Film Director: Pharah Jean-Phillipe

BabyGirl Filmworks, LLC, a New York-based production company, will launch its sophomore film entiltes "Till Death Do Us Part" in October. The movie is based on a young woman who is forced to examine the true definition of love as she faces an uncertain future.

Pharah Jean-Philippe is the President and CEO of BabyGirl Filmworks, LLC. Pharah is a Brooklyn Native of Haitian descent with a diverse entertainment background which includes acting, writing, directing and producing. A participant of the Neighborhood Playhouse Writer's Lab, it is her hope to create work that will excite, inflame and heal the African Diaspora at large with an emphasis on women.

Pharah has worked with many film production companies and festivals such as: African American Women In Cinema Film Festival (AAWIC), Urban World Film Festival, Media Threat, LLC, and JPL Production Company (just to name a few) in a variety of positions.

 In the past two years, Pharah has worked in the capacity of Director, Writer, Producer, Production Manager, Production Liaison, and Production Assistant.

Recently, she donned the hats of writer/director/producer/actor for Mardi Gras, her first screenplay and second endeavor into filmmaking. In addition, she has written yet another short screenplay, Till Death Do Us Part, currently in pre-production. Till Death Do Us Part made it to the 100 top screenplays and now onto the quarter finals in the American Gem Short Screenplay Contest - out of 978 entries!
Pharah is also working on the project: Black Book, a stage play in two acts.


Young Haitian-American Entrepreneur Takes the Film Industry by Storm, with the Launch of BabyGirl Filmworks, LLC

New York, NY, July 15, 2004- BabyGirl Filmworks, LLC, an independent film production company, was founded in March of 2004, by Haitian-American Actor, Writer, Producer, and Director, Pharah Jean-Philippe. Pharah is quoted as saying "we are interested in creating films that illustrate how our world really looks. The face of America has changed considerably and we believe that the American Cinema should reflect that. We want to create movies that are fair in its assessments and yet do not rely on stereotypes to tell its story. We like to tell stories that help us express our struggle to understand ourselves, and the world around us. It is my hope to create work that will excite, inflame and heal the African Diaspora at large with an emphasis on women.
We at BabyGirl Filmworks love the profound laughter that comes from character and social insights. We're all for finding the simple truths within our complex lives. Right now, our challenge is to create innovative movies that satisfies, yet breaks the rules of cinematic tradition."

BabyGirl Filmworks' objectives are to create a safe haven where industry professionals and students alike can meet, explore and produce works that enrich, inspire and provoke them and their audiences. They seek help in their mission to develop work that documents where they are today as a people and as a global community.

Hitting the ground running, BabyGirl Filmworks, LLC is currently in pre-production for a short film entitled Till Death Do Us Part which is slated for film festivals and art houses throughout the country later this year. Merely a few weeks ago, this screenplay also notably won great acclaim as one of the chosen finalist of The American Gems Screenwriting Contest.
BabyGirl Filmworks, LLC is a young company with vigor, and experienced seasoned professionals with a tenacious visionary perception of the film industry and where it should ultimately be taken.

Contact: V. Săun Alerte
(212) 281-3055


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