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About Mike Jean  ( Mike Jean-Baptiste (a.k.a Mikey Mike)   Music Producer

Music Producer and Humanitarian Activist Mike Jean

Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and now living in the U.S.A., Mike Jean has long awaited his turn to get the recognition he deserves for his accomplishments not only in the entertainment world, but also as a humanitarian advocate for the poor, the homeless and less-fortunate. At the forefront of newly created rhythms and sounds, Mike put his personal touch in developing and producing pop sensation Kat De Luna, and was the reason in getting her signed to Epic Records/ Sony Music. He is currently working and producing rock sensation Sean Murphy, Pras Michel with his new group Axixs, including Michael Fredo, Shaka Dee and Josh X.

" Top music legend producer/songwriter Quincy Jones, who just received BET lifetime achievement award said: "MIKE JEAN is one of the best talented newcomers Producer/Songwriter the industry has been waiting for."

At a very young age, Mike Jean has always been in touch with his religious side, following his parents to the 5 AM mess at this local church in Haiti every Sunday. Living in poverty ridden Port-au-Prince, he's helped countless people in his neighborhood with a free meal every time he gets the opportunity. It wasn’t before his mother recognized the disappearance of much of their food from the house. When she realized Mike was basically handing out almost all they have, she called him aside just to say: “Son, I know you mean well, and when you get older, you will find a way to help others, but we don’t have enough to give out everything.” Blessed with a wonderful humanitarian heart, he takes the time out of his love for music to pursue his other passion, which is to help the poor. His influence in the music industry has given him the strength needed financially to pursue that goal. And, he will get the
chance to do just that.

On the 17th of July 2008, Mike Jean helped organize a fund raising project with the United Nations and Give Them a Hand Foundation for a great cause. The money raised from the fundraiser was used to purchase water filtration systems for several communities in Haiti without access to fresh clean water. Major participators at the fundraiser included the Haitian Consul General, Felix Augustin,  U.N. personnel Gordon Tapper, and several other known figures and organizations. Talented artists such as Michael Fredo, Mel-Soul-Tree, and Shaka Dee gave their support by performing hit songs at the event. He has currently teamed up with Pras Michel of the Fugees to provide Sean Penn with a hand to help his organization, JPHRO, in earthquake torn country of Haiti, at organizing fund raising events to raise money to help the children of Haiti get an education and return to school.

As a result of recent devastations in Louisiana, U.S.A. and Haiti, Mike Jean is spending considerable energy in developing his own organization with the only thing in mind which is to help the poor, the physically challenged, the sick, and the needy around the world. As Haiti is close to his heart, he is looking forward to provide his assistance to make his native country a better place to live.   
Hope for Them Foundation is the charitable organization founded by Mike Jean to promote life by providing basic shelter and all welfare needs to those in need.






Watch out for his book next year entitled: “THE BOOK OF MY LIFE”, reaching your local bookstores soon.

Email Mike Jean mj.mlerecords@gmail.com


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