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  About Mecca Haitian R & B Artist

As we embark on the year 2004, we celebrate 200 years of independence for the mountainous island called Haiti.  Emerging from the pride of the Bicentennial is a movement called Hex Battalion (Haitian Exodus).  Mecca a.k.a GRIMO is the front man of this movement.

       Born in Brooklyn, N.Y., This multi-talented brother is the offspring of Haitian parents. His family moved to Queens, N.Y. when he was 6 years old. This is when and where Mecca adopted a love for the art of writing and reciting. This art form would become a way of life for Mecca. In 1985 his parents relocated again, this time to the tropical regions of Miami, Florida.

        Since then Mecca has been on the entertainment scene serving as a catalyst for up and coming artists. In 1995 he was part of a successful hip hop album (Yes-N-Deed), (Society / Luke Rec.) which allowed him to tour for 8 months. He became a road manager for several local artists and earned a degree in Acoustical Engineering. Having access to the studio, Mecca started putting together what is now Hex Battalion Music group Inc. / Vagabond Rec. / Kreyol Konnec-tion.

       The mission is to provide quality entertainment in a different perspective and to bring it to the Haitian community and abroad. To add to the formula Mecca is bilingual. He can write and recite lyrics/poetry in English and Kreyol. His recent contributions got the streets buzzing with translations of "In Da Club", "Damn", "Neva Scared", "Snake" and more. Haitian radio is giving him heavy rotation as well as American stations. Mecca just released his first video called "AYISIEN", which is an ode to Haitian pride. The video displays Haitian culture in a light that the media doesn't care to show.

       Look for the video's debut in February 2004 on HTN, BAZ LA, ISLAND TV, VIDEO MIX, THA HITZ FACTORY, LENZ MAGIC, CARIB COCKTAIL, and other video shows in your area. The video can also be seen online at The follow up for the Kreyol rapper is the next single "Crème De La Crème" and a
video for it. Also look for the mix tape out in the streets "L'union Fait La Force" featuring other artists under the Kreyol Konnec-tion umbrella. The yet untitled DVD will be in stores the summer of 2004. Special Thanks to our proud SPONSORS: Chef Creole,, Street Dreams Auto, Cyclops Media, Ombrage Models, Desir Designs, Distinctive Creations, Beverly Boys Prod., MillerWorks Ent., M Generation,, Holla Sak Pase?

To Learn much More about Mecca Click Here

Reggie of Complex Graphics


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