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The group KLINIK first started as a summer project in early 1999 by 2 cousins (Rudy Riviere & Ben Gelin) and a couple of other Boston friends. All well adapted musicians and skillful songwriters they produced a song, (a remixed version of Sisquo's "Thong Song" and AAliyah's "Try Again") on a zoukompa format music style and released it as a single.
This was a success in the caribbean and the french antilles, thus becoming this young group's signature style. The success of their single prompted the production of an all "Remix" album, leading to their now well known first Cd, "Kreol Mix USA vol.1" (Kreyol Music 1999).

Not very long after, putting their skills once again to the test, they'd decided to complement their repertoire with more original songs while keeping the KLINIK flavor of the first album. Just like an aging fine wine, for their sophomore album they truly took their time to experiment again with their free style of inspiration and finally came up with a winning concept: "Emergency", the title of their second album.

Once again they surprised everyone in their music industry with this new release and turned quite a few heads to say the least.
With two amazing albums under their belts, 2 talented singers and a strong team of musicians to back them up "Live", their immediate path can only lead to success. Now that they are gearing up for the road, let everyone know that the doctors are coming to everyones music rescue. No need to dial 9-1-1, the music ambulance is already on it's way.

Coming up soon Our Interview with Klinik