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About Jennifer Lovelace

My name is Jennifer Lovelace I was born in Haiti and I moved to the United States of America  not too long ago.  I am 17 years old and a senior in High school. I speak English, French and  Creole fluently.  I also speak spanish (but i'm still learning). As an ambitious person, I don't like to be tied to one thing, that is why my talents extend from modeling ,to acting, dancing (merengue, salsa ,hip hop etc.) to even acting as an interpreter at a live show.

I did several fashion shows, and danced numerous times at Haitian events and for Hispanic Heritage month.

I love to be independent, and to speak my mind clearly.  My goal is to become an international star and to be a role model for others and to represent my country.  If you Have any decent projects for me, please email me, otherwise do not.


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