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Know Your Rebels: Farrah Gray
(Important: If you arrived here via a search for "Farrah Gray," his personal website is: FarrahGray.com)

Rebel: Farrah Gray

Age: 20

Representing: Chicago, IL/Las Vegas, NV

Why you should fear him: For starters, he probably makes more money than you. At age 14, this young entrepreneur was a millionaire.

Gray's entrepreneurial journey began at age six when he went door to door selling body lotion for $1.50. Always starting economic empowerment clubs at school, Gray got the idea to do a radio show. At age 9, Gray co-hosted a radio show called "Backstage Live" which eventually reached 12 million listeners.

Feeling lazy yet? It gets better.

By middle school, Gray had a nationwide speaking career, commanding $5,000-$10,000 per appearance. Puberty hits. While most young men were off discovering the opposite sex, Mr. Gray started his own specialty food company, "Farr-Out Foods", which he marketed to young people and sold for $1.5 million by his 14th birthday. He started the company with a make-shift "we're too poor to buy syrup" recipe from his grandmother.

Now at age 20, Gray has his hands in multiple projects including the acquisition of "Inner City Magazine", his charitable foundation, "The Farrah Gray Foundation", which helps empower young inner city kids to think economically, and lastly, real estate investing. January 1st of this year, Gray released his first book, "Reallionaire: Nine Steps to Becoming Rich from the Inside Out", which lists the practical lessons that took him from public assistance to being a multi-millionaire. The book was published by "Health Communications Inc.) and is available at bookstores nationwide.

Most impressive about Gray is the fact that as the youngest of five children, in a single parent household, he was never handed anything. The media has packaged him as a "self-made millionaire", but Gray is quick to give the credit to God's grace and mercy.

His formal bio goes as such: "Farrah Gray was a card-carrying businessman at age six. At eight, he formed a business club that financed his neighborhood ventures. By age 14, he had an office on Wall Street and was a millionaire. He also served as the youngest member of the United Way Board of Directors. Gray's foundation provides seed money to young entrepreneurs. Now 20 years old, he’s the author of Reallionaire, which shares the lessons that took him from public assistance in Chicago’s inner city to millionaire row."

If Farrah were giving lessons, I'd line up.

Status: No college. Has opted to hold off on school, although he's stated in the past that he'd like an MBA. At this point, Wharton would probably grant him honorary letters just to have their name associated with Gray.

Press/Interviews: Farrah Gray's Official Website, NPR: Interview with Tavis Smiley, Good Morning America Interview, Teen Capitalist

Other Rebels: Hans Zeiger, Adam Hunter, Dwight Howard, Sheri Valera, Princella Smith

source: nykola.com