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He is one of the most notorious and  top Haitian Artists.  He has worked with some of the top USA artists.  Few of us understand the rhythmic lineage which extends from Africa to dance music.

and knowing what makes people dance, which lead to a successful career as a producer. Cadet's love of music lead to his versatility in his productions and remixes, and having worked with people like :

  DJ Cadet has vision and the ability to incorporate all types of music into his unique mixes, allowing what they describe as a "cuttingedge" style to their productions.
Cadet is no stranger to making people dance. A large following crowd in Japan has seen him performed at various clubs and radio stations in Tokyo. He has played in Paris at Bataclan and Club Hell and on Radio Nova FM 101.5 and Radio FG FM 98.2. He has a strong following in many New York clubs as well as having performed at the Javits Center for t he AIDS DANCEATHON in 1997 and on the great lawn in Central Park.  Perhaps it is the years of being a good DJ, knowing the music

Dr. Dre, Kool and the Gang, Method Man, Crystal Waters, Queen Latifah, KRS One, Buster Poindexter, Salt 'n' Pepa and Billy Porter.  It's obvious Cadet can turn his talents to anything or anyone.
Added to this are a few of his own releases: "Badge 251" on Kult Records which received rave reviews and charting at number 10 on the import chart at DJ Magazine in the UK. "The Joint" on Freeze Records, played by Junior Vasquez, Steven Zor and Danny T in many NY clubs. "Bang the Bush" on Eight Ball records was placed on K-Tel Dance Mix Vol 2 ('96) and "Work on Me" by Ivy, released on Cadet's own label, Pitbull Rec.

We have interviewed DJ Cadet and we want to share with you the latest information about him.

 Haitisurf: What is your real  name and what do  people to call you?

DJ Cadet:  My name real name is Jean Cadet,  although most people call me DJ Cadet.

Haitisurf: What is your latest release ?

DJ Cadet:  My latest release is with U-Know from ANM  Records  more information about U-Know is available on

Haitisurf: To someone who has never heard of you how would you describe yourself and your music ?

DJ Cadet: I am a very diverse producer  a "cutting edge" style  production wise. I am an International performer.

Haitisurf: Do you travel a lot ?:

DJ Cadet: I travel towards Japan, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, etc. and of course, I go to different places in the USA.

Haitisurf: How does the public respond  toward your music ?

DJ Cadet: It all depends on where I go, normally the response is great and mostly if there has been a lot of promotion.

Haitisurf: What style or "genre" of music do you prefer? What is your favorite genre?

DJ Cadet:  My first love is house music, I grew up listening to house music.  I also play hip hop and jazz.

Haitisurf: Do you play any instrument?

DJ Cadet: I do play a little bit of keyboard?

Haitisurf: Have you performed with any Haitian artist or Is there any Haitian artist out there that you would like to  team up with?

DJ Cadet: My sister Magalie Cadet, She sings French music (Chansonettes Francaises,  also Ronald Rodrigue.  I am also working with Elie Lapointe (A-lee) who is a Haitian artist.  I also have a new project with Erica Tuthll

Haitisurf: What would you like the Haitian community to know about you ?

DJ Cadet:  I would like them to know that Haiti lives in me, that DJ Cadet is out there doing his thing.  I want them to know that I support the Haitian people.  DJ cadet is launching a new label with Nicolas Harley and It is called " Ret Tan'n Records ".

Haitisurf: DJ Cadet thank you so much for your time and the interview sir, and thanks for supporting