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Claude-Michel Prevost
   Born in Les Cayes, Haiti.
My mom is Marie Carmel Conde, from Les Cayes.
My dad is Felix Michel Prevost, from Cap Haitien.
My parents met in Montreal.
My sister's name is Florence Etienne.
She has Benedict and Benjamin.
Her husband is Richard Etienne.
I spent my childhood in Quebec, Liberia, Zaire, and Belgium, before finishing my secondary studies back in Port au Prince, at College Roger Anglade.
I then studied Administration at the Universite du Quebec a Montreal, and discovered Advertising copywriting at the Universite de Montreal.
I now live in Vancouver, British Columbia, the warmest spot in the whole Canada, with my mother, my sister and her family, and my own partner, Dana.
My father passed away 16 years ago.
I'm a writer, with 14 short stories published, and 2 awards (Prix Solaris and Prix Imagine) for my science fiction stories.
I'm also a screenwriter, with a Voodoo Zen script about a white priest, a houngan, a mermaid and some ugly Reptilians, a conspiracy thriller about mind control, a post 911 horror short, and other works in progress.
(I met Louis Mercier while in Toronto for a reading of Men Without Shadow, by the local Black actors.)
My goal is to become one of the best Black screenwriters of my generation.
I'm also a film maker: I have produced 13 shorts since May 2002.
I'm presently working on producing a music video and a documentary, Waking Life style, about my neighborhood.
What else?

I teach Internet Marketing at 3 Self Employment Programs.
(I own and manage my own Internet Marketing consulting boutique.)
I coach men, especially Black Men, about locating and destroying the barriers between them and the Black men they've always wanted to be.
I' m 45, finally happy, on track with my life purpose, at peace with my all relations, the shaman of my brotherhood, a pillar in my communities, looking forward to returning home and rebuilding community back home.
That's me.
Glad to meet you.


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