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    Bruny was born on July 12, 1967 at Cap-Haitien, a small city in Haiti. At the age of seven his parents immigrated to Canada. The climate change was jarring for Bruny as he experienced the January cold and snow for the first time in his young life.

Bruny has three sisters and enjoyed a happy childhood. He integrated quickly in Quebec society and initially developed a passion for basketball. It is only at age 17 that he became attracted to track and field. The reason is simple. All his friends were training in either jump or sprint events.

His initial success in the long jump and triple jump earned him a spot on the Canadian national team. He attended several international meets including the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul.   In 1989, a nagging ankle injury forced Bruny to focus his attention on the sprints, in particular the 100 metres.

The following season, he competed at his first major international event in the 100 metres at the 1990 Commonwealth Games in New Zealand. Bruny grabbed the bronze in 10.12 seconds.
This is when Bruny’s prominence on the national and international stage began to rise.

Bruny Surin's remarkable career seems to continually be absorbed by someone else's shadow. At the 1992 Olympics, Surin finished fourth in the 100-metre sprint yet all anyone remembers was Ben Johnson's failed comeback bid. In 1995, he captured the silver medal at the world championships but the winner, teammate Donovan Bailey, received all the glory. It was the same story at the 1996 Olympic as Surin helped Canada to gold in the 4X100 relay.

However for the 2000 Olympics, it appears the four-time world champion (two outdoor relays- two indoor 60-metre titles) will receive his fair share of the spotlight. He enjoyed his finest season in 1999 capped by a silver medal at the world championships. He clocked 9.84 seconds in the head-to-head showdown with world record holder Maurice Green of the U.S., which equalled Bailey's Canadian record.

Surin's parents immigrated to Canada leaving Surin and his sister with his grandparents when he was just 7 years old. They joined their parents in Montreal a year later. His wife Bianelle Legros-Surin is Surin's manager and they have 2 daughters. Surin's cousin is Canadian triple jump record holder Edrick Floreal.

2000 Games
Sept. 23: Men's 100 metres: Bruny Surin, Montreal, finished eighth, pulled up, in semifinal heat, eliminated.
Sept. 22: Men's 100 metres: Bruny Surin, Montreal, finished third in second-round heat, advanced to third round.






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