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George Alan Cave, That's his real name, spent most of his adolescent years in Haiti.

as a teenager he toured with his father Syto Cave (Poet, Drama, Director) to the Islands of Martinique, Guadeloupe, St.Lucia, France and Canada.

Breakthrough - Alan Cave, break trough in show business came in when one of the actors who suddenly became ill and Alan was asked to step in and sing the song "La Personne".


The audience's astonishment and cheers made the young Mr. Cave think about a singing career instead of acting, before the summer ended Alan made a name for himself.

Mid-1987, Wydens Joseph, a long time friend, convinced Alan Cave to audition for the group ZIN, which was in the process of releasing their debut album "Fe m Vole."

According to Alex Abellard, after Alan Cave auditioned, I immediately thought "We need his voice on our side, not against us."

Alan was contracted to sing the lead for ZIN's first album that was released 1988.

Fourteen years later, ZIN is still grooving and still making hits. Live on stage. Alan Cave continues to bring a seductive and unique voice, which mesmerizes the fans.

Alex Abellard's brings deep Spicy/Reggae tone, Eddy St.Vil, guitar player, is still writing hits from the heart. The eleven band member is known as dubbed "The Hit Music Factory," is one of the most popular Haitian Konpa music bands, please Visit www.yopouzin.com.

Over the past decade, Alan has won the hearts of fans with his unique voice and untouchable lyrics.

The range of songs embraces a multitude of musical textures, which is always about love and/or romance.

Songs like "Ou Se " (Produced by Michael Celestin & Robert Raymond) and "All I Want" (Produced by Alex Abellard)," show Alan's wide variety of genres.

INSPIRATION - When asked what inspires him to write those lovely lyrics with meaning, he simply answers "people and life", and goes on to say...

"I would rather like to be known as a songwriter because it takes desire, passion and hard work to write songs, it's not just talent."

Alan Cave has recorded several albums with ZIN in the past decade that stems from "Fe m vole 1988" to "Kanpe sou yon beat 1999".

Today, he is the most sought-after special guest performer in the Konpa, French & Zouk music industry, lending his signature vocals and sounds to albums by:

  • Malavoi 1999
  • Mario De Volcy 1999
  • N'jie 1999
  • Shirly 1999
  • Zouk Tenor 2000

In 1997, along with leading fellow artist Sweet Micky, Alan completed an educational recording and music video "Knowledge is Power" which is about the prevention of HIV spread.

In 1999, "All I Want" became the most talked about song in the Haitian-American Music Industry, and received an award for writing the lyrics from Unique Productions in Boston, MA.

In Mid-1999, Alan Cave and long time sweetheart Myrtho Polo tied the knot in a private ceremony in Freeport, NY.

In 2001 they started the Alan Cave Music Educational Fund (ACMEF). Which is a non-profit organization dedicated to promote higher education.

The scholarship fund is available to students attending an accredited 4-year university, applicants must major in music or music performance while achieving academic excellence.

The scholarship fund will be available for the fall semester of 2002.

Spring of 2001, Alan Cave released the long awaiting solo album "Se Pa Pou Dat." Multi-dimensional is an understatement "Se Pa Pou Dat", which bridges cultural, generations and musical gaps, and was obviously just what people wanted to hear.

The album has achieved so many accolades since its release. Alan contents that "Every musician who participated on this record was on the same wavelength and had the same artistic energy I had".

All of the musicians and engineers understood the intentions, motives and purpose for making the CD with Alan Cave's flavor ...

the CD possess haunting melody and powerful lyrics for lovers.

Robert Raymond (Zin's former bass player), concludes: "It is great to work with someone who understands the important elements of melody and harmony".

There is no weakness and as a performer/ producer, your work shines through the artist of which you have worked with for sooooo many late night hours."

Source:  alancave.net




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