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Advertise  On Haitisurf.com              

Thanks for your interest in advertising here on Haitisurf.com. If you'd like to talk with one of us personally, please send an e-mail to us or call us at Tel:  682-265-6331 if you really need our services.

We are very flexible and we offer you different options. If you can not advertise for the full year you can sponsor the love section or any section of our forum for only $50 Dollars / month and many people will know about your business. You can advertise for just one month ($55)  if one month advertising  is all you need.

  Our Banner Advertising Rates

Haitisurf.com has a variety of advertising packages to meet your marketing needs. We are one of the most visited Haitian websites. The main goal of our sponsorship program is to incorporate the sponsor's message throughout haitisurf.com. Please contact us if you are interested in any of the packages below. If you need a website please see our site design services.

Ad size Rate Placement
Email Advertising $25 Monthly contact us
120 x 90


$45/Monthly Advertisement to be placed at the top right of each page and rotated across the site except the bulletin board.
120 x 120 $60/Monthly Advertisement to be placed at the top right of each page and rotated across the site except the bulletin board.
468 x 60 $80/Monthly Advertisement to be placed at the top of each page and rotated across the site.
120 x 240 $100/Monthly Advertisement to be placed below the site menu on the left and rotated across the site.
300 x 250 $110/Monthly Advertisement to be placed toward the bottom of all content/article pages across the site.
120 x 600 $200/Monthly Advertisement to be placed at the top right of each page and rotated across the site except the bulletin board.
720 x 90 $200/Monthly Advertisement on the sites Bulletin board, Alumni Search, Classifieds, Events Calendar, Links directory and photo gallery.
720 X 300
$200/Monthly Advertisement rotated across the site.
Full Web Page $200/Year contact us


Advertising Period
All ads placed on "haitisurf.com", are based on a 3 month, 6 months and 12 months contractual period.

All advertisements MUST BE PREPAID before advertising will appear on "haitisurf.com" , with a check arriving no later than 7 days

Tailor Made advertising
Tailor made sponsorship programs can be created cost effectively and can incoporate a number of elements such as; mini-sites (one page site), contests, or promotions. For more information contact us

          All costs currently must be pre-paid in advance. Currently, the rates are per month, however, soon we will have a cost-per-impression system where you'll be able to pay for a curtain amount of impressions at a time. Note: Costs will still have to be pre-paid.

Again, if you are interested in advertising on haitisurf.com, please contact us  We hope to be showing your ads soon!

If you want to advertise on Haitisurf.com, please send us a note add a real email address. You can fill a feedback form to contact us by clicking on the little blue mail  box below.  Our Email address is: haitisurfweb@hotmail.com

haitisurfweb@hotmail.com Tel 682-365-6331

Click on the mailbox to email us


Haitisurf.com has a full advertising service  to promote businesses. Haitisurf.com is proud to reflect the creativity and diversity in promoting all decent businesses.  We are dedicated to providing our clients and partners with an integrated approach to solving their sales and promotion challenges. We do not exist simply to chat and discuss or merely to  promote love and harmony. We define an entire array of advertising, marketing  to accomplish the task of promoting businesses.




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