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About Haitisurf, from its modest beginning was established for the purpose of bringing together all Haitians. _ To promote unity among Haitians and encourage them to do the best job in life. is the web site whose mission is to serve all Haitian communities and to promote and strengthen cultural, educational, ties between Haitians and Americans. 

This site is for high school, college, and university students and teachers to encourage them to learn more about Haiti and knowledge of self.  It is for Haitian American communities to remind them of their national and cultural origins they can be proud of. The site's primary feature is the collection of regional and country-specific materials available on the Internet. One of the main attractions of this site is the use of the local language, as well as English, on-line newspapers and magazines. The most up-to-date news about Haiti now can be found on the Internet on a daily basis.  Just as almost all the countries on the American continent have their own Internet versions of the news media. This site, therefore, is an important source of news and information about  Haiti.

This site lists the organizations of persons of Haitian descent not only in the United States, but also anywhere in the world.

Haiti has diplomatic representatives in Washington, D.C. The addresses (links) of the Haitian consulates are presented on the Site. Many Haitians now can access the consulates home pages.   There are also important sources of information not only about their services, but also about the Haitian government, economy, society, culture, etc.

Our services include the ability to buy and sell merchandise over the Internet, Business promotion, Art, Entertainment, Free email, Chat, Penpal, discussion board and more.

Anyone interested in any aspect of Haiti should find this web site valuable in terms of resources available on the Internet. Please bookmark this web site, and visit us frequently

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